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Seating Chart

Pricing tiers vary depending on what organization is presenting the performance or event you are looking to attend. Scroll below for an image of our seating chart or click on the PDF version.

Weill Center Seating Chart PDF

Tier 1: 

Rows AA-EE (main floor, first five rows).
Rows A-K (main floor, in front of main aisle), exluding the 4 long lower rows - ten rows).
Rows AA-CC (balcony, first three rows).

Tier 2:

Rows L-P (main floor, in front of balcony overhang - four rows).
Rows A-F (balcony rows - six rows).

Tier 3:

Rows Q-W (main floor, seven rows).
Rows G-K (balcony, four rows).

SeatingChart2015 Main 1

SeatingChart2015 Balcony 1