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Katelyn Braun Bio ImageWhen I learned JD Souther was performing at the Weill Center, I didn’t recognize his name. As a young professional working in the marketing field, I began my research to learn more about him. Being familiar with the booking caliber of the Weill Center, I knew Souther was a quality artist, but I had no idea my research would lead me to my next new favorite artist. 

The video below shares a behind-the-scenes look at of one of his recent album (2011) Natural History, which incorporates songs that Souther wrote for himself and others. Many of these songs became classics for artists like James Taylor, The Eagles and Linda Ronstadt.

I strongly advise you to take the time to watch all 10 minutes. I loved this video because it gave me a taste of his works, both new and old (a lot of which I recognized!), and his performance style as both a singer and songwriter. Being a huge fan of blues and jazz music, I found myself relating to his story and sounds very quickly.

Share your thoughts, favorite fact or new findings about JD Souther with us!

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