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Katelyn Braun Preview 2I’ve been looking forward to this performance because there is something for everyone to enjoy in this production. Our programming committee realized that families are looking for something special to do during the holidays and Lightwire Theater’s performance is just that – a great experience that creates a lasting memory.

Lightwire Theater is a group of professional dancers that present a captivating story about a bird that accidentally ends up at the North Pole instead of heading South for the winter - oops! The storyline is perfect for all ages but especially exciting for any little one.

Illuminating the stage with black-light theater, each of the dancers are equipped with their own battery packs to power their ‘el-wire’ suits. The technical side of this production is very intriguing and makes a great conversation piece before and after the show.

Our Holiday Performance Checklist:

  •  Holiday Music
  •  Heartwarming Holiday Story
  •  Holiday Lights
  •  Great performance for all ages – double check!

This magical and captivating tale of family, friendship and hope is set to everyone’s favorite holiday hits. Hope to see you there!

Happy Holidays  -Katelyn

Click here to learn more about ‘el wire’ and watch a behind-the-scenes video. 

Click here to learn more about the show. 

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