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Manitowoc Minute’s Charlie Berens: Keep 'er Movin

Date: March 3, 2018
Time: 7:30pm

Seating chart

Silver Sponsor: Bank First National

Sponsor: Blue Harbor Resort

Sheboygan County Food Bank Donation: Bring a non-perishable item and be part of a ticket drawing to get the chance to win Charlie Berens' merchandise! One non-perishable item = 1 ticket! Keep (the fight against hung)'er movin' in Sheboygan! Bring a non-perishable good to donate to the Sheboygan County Food Bank. Needed items are fruit packed in 100% juice - no sugar and personal hygiene products.

Hey der guy! Charlie here from da Manitowoc Minute. You’ve seen me on your Facebook page, now see me in real life. I’ll be on stage for a night of stand up comedy, news, music and a couple two three other surprises. So go ahead guy, buy a ticket real quick once and keep ‘er movin.

About Charlie Berens

Charlie Berens is a comedian, Emmy winning journalist and host of the Manitowoc Minute. As a UW-Madison junior, Charlie started reporting for MTV’s Choose or Lose. Since then he’s worked with Fox, CBS Sports Network, and Funny or Die to name a few. Charlie was born and raised along with his 11 other brothers and sisters right here in Wisconsin.

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