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CANCELLED: The Roving Blades


Date: January 18, 2020
Unfortunately, due to a lack of interest in this performance the show has been CANCELLED.
If you have any questions about a purchased ticket for this show, please call our ticket office at 920-208-3243.
Thank you again for your patronage of the Weill Center. We look forward to seeing you at a future performance!

About the show

This high-energy band of Celtic singer-musicians has been performing for 23 years. In that time members have come and gone, but their mission of creating original and exciting arrangements of Irish, English, Scottish and American folk songs featuring tight, choral harmonies and unique instrumentation featuring traditional Celtic instrumentation along with percussion from around the world, has been the core of their group. Today, the band boasts 17 members from all over the United States who team up to bring their unique flavor of folk music to festivals and performing arts centers across the country as both The Roving Blades, and also as The Crimson Pirates (where the band take on the personas of swashbuckling buccaneers performing their same exciting repertoire with a focus on traditional songs of the sea.) The group has recorded a total of 8 albums under their piratical alter-egos, as well as an additional album as The Roving Blades.

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