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Sheboygan, WI – Performing on October 2, at 3:00 p.m. the Okee Dokee Brothers are the first performers of the Weill Center’s Family Series, sponsored by Sargento Foods Inc. 

As childhood friends growing up in Denver, Colorado Joe Mailander and Justin Lansing were always exploring the outdoors. Whether it was rafting down their neighborhood creek or discovering hiking trails through the Rocky Mountains, Mailander and Lansing were born adventurers. 

Now, their passion for the outdoors is at the heart of all their songs. Their music is a mix of playing purely folk, old-time, or bluegrass music styles, as well as other influences.

Mailander and Lansing record and perform family music to inspire children and their parents to go outside and get creative. They believe this can motivate kids to gain a greater respect for the natural world, their communities and themselves. 

Their nationwide fan base is drawn to their witty lyrics, strong musicianship and unique folk style. By appealing to the musical needs of the entire family and recognizing that kids deserve quality music, The Okee Dokee Brothers work on a full-time basis to advance the family music genre.

The three-time Parents’ Choice Award winners have garnered praise from the likes of NPR’s All Things Considered and USA Today, and have been called “two of family music’s best songwriters.” Their album, Can you Canoe? recently won a Grammy for Best Children's Music Album.

“Grammy Award-winning musicians who inspire families to get outside and get creative.  This statement about the Okee Dokee Brothers is what reeled me in. When I listened to Joe and Justin sing, I knew they would share smart, fun lyrics and great melodies with our audience. Since a lot of their music is about being outside and water, I thought it was perfect for us in Sheboygan on the shore of Lake Michigan,” said Kimberly Meller, Weill Center’s General Manager. 

In addition to their albums, The Okee Dokee Brothers also have three movies. These movies document their adventures and show how the find inspiration for their songs. The latest, Saddle Up, you can find on Netflix today.

All Tickets are $8 plus fees and tax. The Ticket Office is open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

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On October 7, 1996, the Weill Center Foundation, Inc. was established for the preservation and restoration of the Sheboygan Theater. 15 years ago on October 13, the theater re-opened as the Stefanie H. Weill Center for the Performing Arts. Since the Weill Center historic theater is also home to several local performing art groups including the Sheboygan Symphony Orchestra, Sheboygan Area Youth Symphony and the Sheboygan Concert Association.

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