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Rental Services and Rates

Services and Equipment

Theater rental includes the following: supervisory services of Weill Center Events and Operations Manager during licensed use of facility; ticket office staff during the event or performance and for two hours prior; volunteer front of house and usher staff; normal cleaning; use of standard stage equipment; use of general lighting and standard sound equipment; heat and/or air conditioning; access to all back stage areas as necessary and scheduled for the event.

Design and install services for stage lighting and sets are not included in the rental fee but may be contracted for an additional charge. Set design, and lighting and sound design and operations provided by the Renter must by approved, arranged and supervised by Weill Center Technical Staff working with Renter technical operations staff. Technical crew and house personnel must be provided by the Weill Center unless exception has been approved and noted in Licensed Use Agreement.

Ticketing service fees and sales taxes, stage technicians and crew, security personnel, merchandise sales, marketing services, hospitality and/or catering services, piano rental and any additional/non-standard stage equipment will be billed as additional charges.

Weill Center Licensed Use Rate Categories

The Weill Center applies different rates for the rental of its hall, lobby, meeting rooms, etc., depending on the type of use, the length of use, and the type of Renter. Generally, usage falls into one of three categories: A) Commercial Presenter: includes rentals by a business, event promoter or other private enterprise for which admission or participation fees will be collected by Renter; B) Non-profit Presenter/Commercial Production: includes rentals by charitable 501(c) (3) not-for-profit agencies, organizations and associations (proof of tax exempt status must be provided) for which admission or a participation fee will be charged, commercial businesses or enterprises not charging an admission or participation fee, and municipal entities; C) Non-profit and/or Resident Presenters: includes rentals by charitable, 501(c)(3) not-for-profit agencies, organizations, and associations (proof of tax exempt status must be provided) not charging an admission or participation fee, educational institutions not charging an admission or participation fee, individuals or groups not charging an admission or participation fee.

To determine current rates for any rental event, please contact the Weill Center General Manager, Kimberly Meller, at kmeller@weillcenter.com or 920-208-0808 x 103.