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Corporate Employee Perks

"For nearly 10 years, the Encore Program provides an incentive to employees and their families to enjoy the diverse programming at the Weill. Promoting the Encore Program at Bemis helps creativity, productivity and friendship at work. It also serves as a broad reminder in our community of this wonderful facility for the performing arts. Please consider signing up for the Encore Program at your business to fill the Weill at every show!" – Jason Bemis, General Manager – Bemis Health Care Products, Bemis Manufacturing Company 

The Encore Program is a corporate ticket program offering you and your company a unique and creative way to reward employees.

The Encore Corporate Ticket Program allows you to encourage your employees to attend Weill Center programs at a buy one ticket – get one free basis.

There are no upfront costs and no risks. As a business owner or manager, you choose a limit for your company’s expenditure.  Once the program is established, your employees can purchase one ticket and receive one ticket at no additional cost to them.

If you want to meet with someone to discuss how you can enroll in the Encore Program, call Katy Glodosky at 920-208-0808 X 106 or email kglodosky@weillcenter.com.